Welcome to my store. I am excited that you have found me. I am a Jesus loving personal stylist and boutique owner and this is my website. I am originally from SoCal but moved to Panama City Beach in 2002. I am an encourager by nature and pray that you find something encouraging or at least useful while you’re here .

In 2018 I opened my boutique, Keri’s Eye Candy, and found that I was able to touch the lives of so many women through beautiful clothing, words of encouragement and charitable donations.

Graceful Pieces was started as a way for me to reach more women after Hurricane Michael destroyed our community. Our town may be broken, but we continue to experience God’s grace as we pick up the pieces.

No matter the circumstances we are going through, every woman deserves to feel as beautiful as God sees her. I am here to encourage you to make every purchase count, while offering tips to help you make the most out of your wardrobe.

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