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New gift card options!

Hi everyone! After receiving some feedback on our gift cards we made some changes:

First, and maybe most importantly – you can now schedule when the card is sent. Go ahead and buy a gift card for someone – and then have it delivered on whatever date you’d like (up to one year in advance.)

Now you can check your gift card balance. We’ve added a link under the Account Info page where you can enter your gift card number and check the current balance. That link is also available on your My Account page. Not only will you see your balance, but you can also see the dates you used your card.

We added a few designs you can choose from – the default Graceful Pieces style, a birthday style and also a Christmas style.

We updated the look of the gift card too. It now matches the overall style of the website.

We hope you enjoy these changes!

Keri & Dave Kazebeer

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